Summer 2018 Beauty Predictions

Today brings a different type of post as it’s neither a review nor news update but a prediction! I recently noticed that the colours and styles of makeup I like in one season are turning out to be popular in the either the next season or the same season the following year. To test out my theory I thought I’d let you know the makeup I’ve been loving recently and this time last year as it just might be a trend in the season to come. Obviously it might turn out non of my predictions come true but we’ll just have to wait and see. So, without further ado here’s my spring/summer 2018 beauty prediction.

Disclaimers- If any of the below photos are uncredited it is because I couldn’t find the original source however if anyone does know who to give credit too then I shall update it. Also, most of the photos down below are of white people, only because I couldn’t find many of people of colour. In no way am I trying to be racist but I would love to be able find more of their work to feature in later posts xx

📷: pranksterka

Full coverage, matte skin

Dewy skin has been super popular lately, however I don’t get the point of looking wet and sweaty (no offence to anyone who likes this trend). So, during the season of sweat matte is the total opposite and will look stunning all season long. Achieve this look with Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation.

📷: nicolebhm

Bright white highlighter

A glow is a must for the summer season and bright white highlighter is just really calling to me lately. White highlighter gives an out-of-this-world glow and instantly gives summer vibes. Achieve this look with Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter.

📷: efpemakeup

Berry toned and bright pink eyeshadow

Berry tones and pink shades just scream summer and freedom to me so that’s why I’ll be reaching for them this season. From just a sweep of pink across the lid to intricate creations, they look effortlessly beautiful. Achieve this look with Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes eyeshadow palette.

📷: NikkieTutorials

Metallic cut crease eyeshadow

Instagram is full of the art of the cut crease, and whilst I’m no cut crease connoisseur, with a metallic liquid eyeshadow to hand it becomes a breeze. Metallic shades remind me of the reflection of the sun on the sea so this seems oh-so appropriate. Achieve this look with Kiko Gold Waves Metallic Eyeshadow.

Negative space eyeliner

Last year Emma Watson rocked this trend on the red carpet of one of the Beauty and the Beast premieres and I soon jumped on the bandwagon. This minimalist look is only for those with a steady hand or lots of cotton buds and makeup remover. Achieve this look with: NYX Epic Ink Liner.

📷: Byrdie Beauty

White winged eyeliner

Tipex eyeliner is officially a thing. Personally I don’t love this trend but last year I rocked it on a few occasions. One thing you do need though is a shed-load of mascara to add a bit if definition. Achieve this look with: NYX White Liquid Liner.

Natural eyebrows

Instagram brows have been big for a while, however I don’t personally see the point of grooming you brows to unnatural perfection when a bit of brow gel creates effortless, full brows in seconds. Achieve this look with: Glossier Boy Brow.

Matte brown lipstick

The 90s loved brown lipstick and whilst the 90s had many dubious style choices this is one that is still wearable today. Brown is deeper than nude (on fair/light skin) yet not too bold, or a pretty nude on darker skin. Achieve this look with: Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Cake d’Ivoire (for fairer skin) or Smores d’Ouveres (for darker skin).

Dark navy eyeliner

This is a trend I need this season however I can’t find a cruelty-free dark navy eyeliner anywhere! It’s perfect as it looks like your classic black from afar but when you come nearer you see that it’s actually a shot of colour. If anyone knows any dark navy-cruelty free eyeliners let me know.

So there we go, my top nine beauty predictions for the coming season. I hope you’ve enjoyed this kind of post, I know it’s not my normal review or news post. If you have please like it and follow me on Instagram; @harddwchbeauty. Thank you for reading,

Ffi x

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